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Frequently Asked Questions - Membership

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Members must be a minimum of 16 years old to participate in any SPN team and/or event. Members under the age of 18 are also required to have a parent/guardian complete and sign a parental consent form wherby both the player and guardian agree to the waiver and release of liability.

The member MUST CURRENTLY be 16 years old at the time of signing the roster/waiver/consent form.

All player changes that take place within each league should be forwarded to Slo-Pitch National to have on file. 

YES, all Slo-Pitch National members need to have agreed to the terms of membership and must sign the Release of Liability Waiver to be covered by Slo-Pitch National insurance. 

Each team only needs to pay their membership once each year. (Note: the league roster must be the same roster submitted for National Championships)  If a team has already purchased their membership when registering for the National Championships you can simply note this on the application paperwork. You do not need to include payment for the team again. 

Player changes to your roster can be made through your Regional Director. All player changes should be on file at the National Office. Please note that roster changes could possibly impact the level of play that your team is approved for. 

You can list up to 20 players on your team roster. You can list 3 coach/managers. A coach/manager is considered a member of your team and therefore eligible to participate during a game. Note: SPN does make some maximum allowance exceptions for leagues who have submitted a written request due to extenuating circumstances.

There are a variety of services and benefits offered to teams/leagues/umpires within each region.  Fees are established based on the costs to provide such services and benefits. Also, all taxes are included in the fees and tax structures vary between regions.

A written request for a membership refund will be reviewed and may be approved by the Regional Director for the Region in which you reside.

The membership is valid from March 31 to March 31 of each year.

Once a team registration has been received by the Slo-Pitch National office, you will be considered a member of Slo-Pitch National. Each team is provided with a current year rulebook, a current year Assumption of Risk & Liability Team Waiver/Roster form, and a subscription of the Slo-Pitch National Magazine. Members will have access to member promotions throughout each year, and are also eligible to participate in Slo-Pitch National tournaments.  Insured and Noninsured membership packages are available.